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Bowman Pond Yacht

Bowman Pond Yacht

Bowman Pond YachtBowman Pond Yacht

A little while ago I took delivery of a small Bowman pond yacht in need of some TLC, as with all restorations the first job was to discuss the work required with the customer. Once the work requirements had been confirmed work could begin, this as always started with taking a series of photos for future reference during the restoration. The first job would be to remove all the deck fittings ect to leave a clear deck then work could begin to prep the deck area taking great care to preserve the original Bowman logo. Once the deck area had been prepared the two different wood coloured areas could be brought back to life very carefully using suitably coloured varnishes.

With the deck now finished the next task would be to prep the hull area for re-painting with a matching custom mix paint colour, so after a few trials the perfect colour was found. Once the newly restored hull and deck area had fully dried, I could move onto cleaning and re-fitting the deck fittings thus completing the hull itself. The next job was then to make new sails and prepare them for re-fitting, this was then followed by adding new rigging material as well as new rigging adjusters etc. With all the rigging finished this completed the restoration of this fine Bowman yacht to be enjoyed for years to come.

Overall this was a very satisfying restoration knowing the model has been brought back to life.

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Caldercraft Rigging Thread

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