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A short while ago the above model arrived in need of restoration and some TLC, the remit from the customer required the model to have quite a lot of work this included, deep cleaning, repairs to any damaged fittings and masts etc as well as adding furled sails and ships boats. The first task as always was to take several photos of the model in its original state for future reference.

With all the photos now taken I could move onto removing all of the damaged rigging section by section replacing it and repairing any damage to the masts and yards as I proceeded along the model having started at the bow, as you can imagine this took some considerable time to complete having tested each of the original rigging threads as I proceeded. Now with the rigging completed using Caldercraft rigging thread I could move onto the deep cleaning which although very fiddly at the same time proved to be very satisfying especially when the end result had been reached.

Once all the cleaning had been completed I could then move onto adding the furled sails, these certainly proved very interesting and challenging but with a great deal of patience the end result certainly added to the look of the ship. One of the requests of the customer was to add several ships boats (6 in all from Aeronaut) these were done in 3 different styles with the forward two having boat covers attached to add a little something different to the overall effect of the restored model. Now that the restoration was indeed nearly 90% finished the final task would be to re-attach the preserved ships flag which itself needed some gentle TLC.

With the Danmark now fully restored it could now be housed in its bespoke display case that had been built by Maritime-Models on site to preserve the model so it can be enjoyed for years to come fully protected from every model maker's worst enemy Dust!

Overall this restoration although challenging was also very satisfying.

Products used during the restoration:
Admiralty Varnish
Rigging Thread
Aeronaut Fittings
Aeronaut Boats
Aeronaut Ships Wheels

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