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Pond Yacht 6

Pond Yacht

Pond YachtPond YachtPond Yacht
Pond YachtPond YachtPond Yacht
Pond YachtPond YachtPond Yacht

A few months ago I took delivery of an average size pond yacht in need of restoration; the boat itself has sustained some damage to the deck area mainly a couple of holes and surface damage as well as the hull needing to be re-painted. After having a good look at the project I decided the only course of action was to replace the entire deck area this as you can imagine proved to be very difficult ensuring no damage occurred whilst removing the old deck to the hull below. Once the old deck had been removed the new one could be marked out and cut to fit and secured into place with the original screws used before. With the new deck in place I then proceeded to re-plank the deck area with Mahogany planks this was followed by replacing some of the original deck fittings to finish off the deck area, once finished it received 3 coats of gloss varnish to seal and enhance the Mahogany planking.

The next task was to re-paint the entire hull so after rubbing down and filling any imperfections in the hulls surface the hull was re-painted and sealed with 3 coats of hard gloss varnish. With regards to the masts etc only one minor repair had to be done and the sails were left as original at the customer's request.

Overall this restoration was very satisfying and should be enjoyed for years to come by its owners.

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