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Pond Yacht 7

Pond Yacht 7

Pond Yacht 7Pond Yacht 7Pond Yacht 7
Pond Yacht 7Pond Yacht 7Pond Yacht 7

Quite a while ago I was asked to restore a large pond yacht hull, the yacht itself was in fairly good shape although in need of some TLC. The customer remit was to replace the deck with matching planking as well as install radio gear and sail winch etc. The first task was to remove the deck and redesign it so it could accept the new radio gear etc, this involved adding three hatches on the rear deck section to allow access to the steering, battery and other various components that were to be housed in waterproof plastic boxes. Once the design had been finalised, I could then fit the radio gear and boxes into place allowing easy access in the future.

The next stage was then to attach the new deck prior to planking taking into consideration the various hatches and making them watertight. Once the curved deck planking had been fixed into place making sure the curves matched over the hatch openings the hatches could then be removed to have the securing fittings added thus making them watertight. Once the decking had been finished, I could then move onto adding the caulking effect on the deck prior to sanding down the entire deck to create a very smooth finish this was then finished off with two/three coats of Gloss yacht varnish.

With the deck area now complete I could move onto the hull itself; the first job was to sand it down prior to applying the filler primer using 2/3 coats rubbing down each one. The next stage was to then apply the primer coat again using 2/3 coats before adding the topcoat of custom mixed paint. Once the hull had fully dried the final wet sanding could be done prior to polishing to finish off the gloss finish.

Overall this restoration although challenging was most enjoyable.

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