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Pond Yacht 8

Pond Yacht

Pond YachtPond YachtPond Yacht
Pond YachtPond YachtPond Yacht

A little while ago I received a pond yacht in need of a lot of TLC, as you can see in the photos the hull was in a sorry state covered in what at first glance resembled barnacles. As with all restorations I took a series of photos for future reference prior to starting work on the hull preparation. The first task was to remove the surface from the hull which I have to admit took a lot longer than expected using both a power sander and hand held sanding blocks but in the end the hull was cleaned and ready for re-sealing. With the hull now resealed I could start to apply the primer paint using 2/3 coats rubbing each coat down and wet sanding to a smooth finish, this was then followed by 2/3 top coats of each colour prior to wet sanding to achieve the end result.

Now the hull was re-painted work could begin on the deck area this required some basic prep work before re-varnishing to re-seal the deck and enhance the wood effect. With the hull now completely finished I could turn my attention to making a new mast and boom and attaching all the relevant fittings. The next stage was to make a new set of sails for the model prior to re-rigging the entire model this was pretty straight forward having made some templates at an earlier stage in the restoration. Once the sails had been re-attached and the rigging fully adjusted where required the final task was to check over the model and give the hull a final polish before returning the model to the customer to be enjoyed for years to come.

Overall, this restoration offered up some tough challenges especially with the hull but in the end as always very satisfying.

Products used:
Caldercraft Rigging Thread
Aeronaut Fittings

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