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Smit Rotterdam

Smit Rotterdam

Smit RotterdamSmit RotterdamSmit Rotterdam
Smit RotterdamSmit RotterdamSmit Rotterdam
Smit RotterdamSmit RotterdamSmit Rotterdam
Smit Rotterdam

Sometime ago I was contacted by a customer who wanted the above-mentioned model restoring, when the model arrived as you can see in the photos it was in a pretty sorry state and in need of a lot of work. The remit was to fully restore the model as well as bring it right up to date adding a lot of new components such as additional detailing and bow thruster etc.

As with all restorations the first task was to take a series of photos prior to stripping it down of all the unwanted and damaged fittings, once this had been done and with the superstructure removed, I could start the serious work on the hull prior to re-painting. The first job was to work out the position of the bow thruster and its fitting, once the thruster had been fitted the prep work on the hull could begin, this included lots of rubbing down and filling prior to the base primer being applied. Now with the primer coat ready the hulls paint scheme was applied and left to thoroughly dry before all the final details were applied such as the ships name and all other additional markings.

With the hulls details now finished I could move onto repairing and replacing all the handrails and stations prior to repainting, once this job was complete, I then applied all of the additional detailing such as signage and rope work to enhance the end result. The hull and deck area were now fully finished so I could move onto the superstructure, this would include quite a few repairs as well as more new stanchions and re-painting. Additional details such as some rigging detail and flags helped to finish off this area.

Overall this restoration proved to be both very satisfying and challenging.

Products used:
Caldercraft Admiralty Paint
Becc Model Accessories
Caldercraft Rigging Thread

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