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Star Pond Yachts

Star Pond Yachts

Star Pond YachtsStar Pond YachtsStar Pond Yachts
Star Pond YachtsStar Pond Yachts

A short while ago I was asked to restore a pair of Star Pond yachts, as you can see from the photos, they both were in need of a full restoration. The first job was to take some photos for reference at a later date plus some measurements with regards to the line and name position etc once this had been done the work could begin. The first task was to strip down the hulls for painting prior to re-sealing and priming followed by a few coats of the required colour then final detailing including lines and name on the larger of the two yachts, with the new paint etc on the boats hulls I then moved onto the deck area on both models.

With the hulls now finished we moved onto replacing the sails and the rigging, this was straightforward enough using patterns for the sails in order to achieve the correct look, I then moved onto adding the all new rigging thread to finish off both the models. Now with both of the yachts finished the final task was to make a couple of stands from Oak so the models can be displayed at their best.

The name decals and company logo were made in house as well as the logo stamp on the larger model, overall a very pleasing restoration project.

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