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Superbe 1784

Superbe 1784

Superbe 1784

A few months ago, I took delivery of the above-mentioned model for restoration, as with all restorations the first job was to carefully inspect the model to find the best way forward. The first job was to take some photos for future reference prior to removing all the sails that were in a pretty sorry state. I decided with regards to the sails to try a different approach as the structure of them was pretty sound, so we decided to clean them in a commercially available cleaning powder/liquid mix that as it turned out worked very well saving all of the sails from being replaced.

With the sails now saved I could turn my attention to the hull of the ship, this included filling a few cracks and then colour matching the repairs to match the hull prior to re-varnishing, I then moved onto any other repairs that were required prior to giving the whole model a good deep clean. Once the cleaning of the model had been completed, I moved onto to re-attaching all of the cleaned sails back onto there respective yards before re-attaching to the masts etc. With all the sails back in place I could now continue with the re-rigging of the model thus completing the restoration.

As with all restorations the final task was to carefully check over the model before handing it back to the customer.

Overall this restoration was very satisfying as well as challenging.

Products used:
Caldercraft Admiralty Paint
Caldercraft Rigging Thread

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