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The Yacht Amea

The Yacht Amea

The Yacht AmeaThe Yacht AmeaThe Yacht Amea
The Yacht AmeaThe Yacht AmeaThe Yacht Amea
The Yacht AmeaThe Yacht Amea

A few months ago, I took on the job to restore the above-mentioned yacht, when the model arrived it certainly was in need of some TLC. The first task was to discuss the remit for the job with the owner this was to include a full re-paint as well as new sails and rigging plus several minor repairs. As per normal the first job would be to completely strip the model down of its mast and fittings prior to starting work on the hull re-paint.

With the model now stripped the removal of the existing paint could begin taking great care during the process to avoid any extra damage being caused to the hull. Once the hull had been sanded clean the job of filling and sanding could begin until a smooth surface had been achieved prior to priming. The priming required 2/3 coats sanding each one in turn before the final top colour was applied again using 2/3 coats of paint for both colours, this was then left for 2 weeks to harden fully before polishing in order to achieve a high gloss finish. The final task on the hull was then to apply the Gold water line and the name on either side of the bow using Becc products (the bespoke name was also created by Becc Accessories).

Now with the hull completed I decided to move onto making the bespoke stand as seen in the photos designed in such a way that the hull could still be very clearly seen from all angles, this was essential, so the beautiful curved lines can be viewed.

I could now move onto the fittings these were each cleaned to a shiny brass finish and any that were beyond saving were replaced these were then put to one side until the deck area had been rubbed down and re-varnished to an Oak finish. Once the deck had been finished I then added all the revamped brass fittings and then restored the bow sprit that included a couple of minor changes, so it could work with the new set up. Now the bow sprit had been restored I then moved onto sorting out the mast which was in pretty good shape, so this was just sanded and re-varnished, I then proceeded to make a new boom which had been damaged.

The restoration was moving along very nicely so now for the sails, this as per normal was a job that my better half would carry out, this involved using the original mainsail as a pattern and then cutting it out in order to make a brand-new sail. Once the first sail had been completed it could be temporarily put into place on the model so measurements could be taken for the second sails pattern, this was made in the same careful way as the first one and then tested in place prior to being attached. With all the sails finished the mast could be put back into place as well as the bow sprit then the full re-rig could begin firstly by securing the mast itself then the bow sprit using (Caldercraft rigging thread) in various sizes. Now the mast and bow sprit were in position the new sails could be very carefully attached to their relevant booms and the other fixing ropes attached prior to being put into position and adjusted to suit using the adjustable fixing lines fitted earlier.

As with all restorations the final job was to very carefully check over the model prior to it being returned to the customer.

This restoration certainly offered a few challenges on the way but in the end proved to be very satisfying

Products used:
Becc Model Accessories
Caldercraft Rigging Thread

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