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Waterline Warship

Waterline Warship

Waterline WarshipWaterline WarshipWaterline Warship
Waterline WarshipWaterline Warship

A short while ago a customer delivered a waterline model of a hand-built warship in need of some TLC, the first task was to discuss the work required for the restoration, once this had been decided work could begin. As with all restorations I took some photos for future reference before I started to remove fittings etc, at first this seemed to be the way forward but after a while I decided to completely remove all of the superstructure as well to allow full access for the cleaning process.

With all the superstructure removed the cleaning could begin, as with all restorations this was done very carefully so as to preserve the original paintwork etc as requested by the customer. Now with the cleaning finished I could move onto repairing the superstructure before re-fitting it and touching up and colour matching the original paint as best as possible. Once the superstructure had been completed the next task was to make some new fittings and a couple guns to replace the damaged or lost items and replace the handrails around the bow area of the ship.

With the model now 90% completed the final job was to very carefully re-attach the original flags that were removed earlier these as you can imagine were pretty fragile but essential for enhancing the end result, with the flags now back in place this completed the models restoration, so the final job was to just check everything over before handing back to the customer to be enjoyed for years to come.

Overall the restoration offered up a few challenges but proved to be very satisfying.

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