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Alert US Cutter

Alert, US Cutter

Alert, US Cutter

Alert, US Cutter

Ref: K20240

  • Alert is one of many armed cutters built in the early 1800's to aid the curtailing of smuggling
  • The cutter was an extremely fast ship, with its sleek hull and vast amount of sail, it could out run any other craft
  • To allow the boat to sail faster and closer to the wind, it was fitted with large sails and built with a wedge-shaped, deep hull
  • The Alert has been fitted with a rotating cannon located on deck mid-ship, giving a very good picture of what the boat's work involved
  • The kit is laser cut throughout and is of double plank on frame construction in lime and with scale width walnut
  • Deck planking is also of scale width, seven different thickness of black and natural hemp are included, as are all walnut blocks, turned wooden barrels, cannon shot, carronade and fittings in cast metal and brass
  • Extremely detailed plans and drawings show all stages of construction along with a comprehensive instruction manual. A separately available sail set contains pre-stitched sails
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Length: 876mm
  • Beam: 360mm
  • Height: 695mm


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