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HMS Victory

Caldercraft HMS Victory

Model Kits, HMS Model Victory, HMS Victory Model Ship

Caldercraft HMS Victory

Ref: 9014

HMS Victory Model kit includes:
  • Double plank on bulkhead construction in lime and walnut
  • Complete with pre-cut gunport strips
  • 5 different sizes of turned brass cannons
  • Carronades
  • 8 sheets of brass etched components
  • 3 different profiled brass rails
  • CNC cut walnut and ply components, profiled where necessary
  • All new scale turned wood belaying pins, support pillars and staircase balusters
  • All necessary blocks and black/natural hemp for rigging
  • All 4 ships boats in authentic plank on bulkhead construction
  • All new scale copper plates
  • 18 sheets of fully detailed actual size plans and a comprehensive, full colour, step-by-step instruction manual including constructional photos of the prototype. All this enables you to build the most authentic model of H.M.S. Victory as she appeared at Trafalgar
  • As well as this, the kit also includes the timber work to produce the model to the current specifications as she stands in Portsmouth, for example timberheads, capping and hammock cranes for the forecastle
  • After more than two years of extensive research and development, using information and sources previously unavailable, this is the most historically accurate, highly detailed kit of Victory in her Trafalgar condition available
  • Our model is very different to other manufacturers, and the amendments are the result of our own research verified by Mr. Peter Goodwin, and further research provided by Mr. Goodwin
  • Mr. Goodwin is the Keeper and Curator of H.M.S. Victory in Portsmouth and is currently heading the project, researching Victory's true Trafalgar configuration. It was the intention of the Navy to restore Victory to this configuration by the 2005 bicentennial celebrations. Unfortunately, due to insurance and financial difficulties this was not possible
  • Scale: 1:72
  • Length: 1385mm
  • Width: 525mm
  • Height: 940mm
  • Kit Difficulty Rating: Advanced
  • Delays of 6/8 WEEKS are likely with shipping due to high demand


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