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Chinese Junk 1

Chinese Junk

Chinese JunkChinese JunkChinese Junk
Chinese JunkChinese JunkChinese Junk

Towards the end of last year I took delivery of a Chinese junk in need of restoration, at first glance it seemed to be in pretty good shape, the remit for the job was to repair and replace all the required items as well as making a set of new sails. The first job was to photograph and then remove all the damaged sails and put them to one side, now the work on the hull etc could start.

The first job was to give everything a good clean and then replace or repair the fittings which involved looking at photos on the internet to ensure they were correct and in the write place as no info etc was available for the actual model. This took a little while to complete and then the whole model could be re-varnished to enhance the end result.

With the hull now restored the new sails could be made up which proved to be pretty fiddly with all the intricate bamboo framing etc but in the end proved to be very rewarding, the final task was to work out the steering vane on the rudder this proved to be interesting but again after much searching on the internet and various trials was successfully resolved and installed to the finished model.

Overall this was a very rewarding restoration and is now back with its owners to be enjoyed for years to come.

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